What are the Types of Landed Property in Singapore?

These are all landed residences and it’s easy to get confused about the different types. If you are considering a landed house, start by determining which is the right property that works best for you. Familiarizing yourself with the different types of houses can be a useful first step in the search for your new home. Landed property in Singapore have varying categories. These can be largely categorised into detached, semi-detached and non-detached housing. From the high-rises to the landed homes, Singapore is blessed with a multitude of property types. Drawing parallels with our melting pot of multiculturalism, property terms are also thrown around and mixed together, making their identification convoluted. So, we decided to showcase the details in an easy-to-read informative video! Hope this video helps!

What are the Stamp Duty Regulations on buying properties in Singapore?

We’ve had many queries on Buyer Stamp Duty and how it works in the residential sector as well as the commercial sector. So, we decided to showcase the details in an easy-to-read informative video! Watch our video to learn the breakdown of Buyer Stamp Duty in both sectors and all the information you would need in this topic!
You can also use our property tools to do the estimation of the stamp duty that is required and when you have to make the payment.



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